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We’ve got big plans for 2020 but we’d be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to reflect back and appreciate all of our accomplishments of 2019. Where do I begin darlings?? This time last year I felt optimistic, excited and PUMPED for 2019!!  For starters TTL had just landed our first paid branded gig. It wasn’t a huge pay day by any means but to us it was more about what that job represented. It was the beginning of more to come. I had also just met Oprah (maybe I should’ve led with that one…LOL). That chance encounter gave me so much motivation and drive to push forward. It inspired me to continue to dream big and it paid off BIG! In 2019 we finally hit a stride…such a beautiful thing!!  We have just completed our 3rd year since we’ve started TTL and to my shock and joy we hit milestone after milestone. Don’t get me wrong we busted our asses like we never have before yet somehow the laboring has been intensely satisfying and fulfilling. Sitting here now poolside in St. Lucia rewinding the days, weeks, and months of 2019 and all I can say is DANNGGGGG!! TTL is proof that hard work, vision, and most importantly a divine hand can yield progress. [DOUBLE CLICK] on a photo below to scroll through and read about some of our proudest moments of 2019…

You know that saying – You can’t receive something before you’re ready – that basically sums up 2019 for TTL. Everything we had done up until 2019 was preparing us for the rigor and challenges we faced as a brand.  TTL is only as successful as its 2 leaders and boy oh boy were we pushed. We faced disappointments and triumphs which I’d wager were to prepare us for 2020!

We could not have come this far in 2019 without all of you darlings AND the trusted support of some amazing brands. At the cuffs of reaching 30k followers on IG, we’d like to thank you all for your loyal support and inspiring us to keep pushing forward for bigger and better things. Wishing all of you the strength to dream big. Here’s to making 2020 the year you find what brings you joy. 

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