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If you haven’t heard the great news, I have officially partnered with Mented Cosmetics as a Mented Mentor! After trying their products for months, I just knew that Mented is a brand I had to share with all of you. Let me just say that Mented is leading the way in the beauty market by developing products that work for all skin tones while not compromising on quality or branding. And yet, their affordable price point makes Mented products accessible for everyone. 

For my first Mented Cosmetics makeup tutorial, I wanted to feature this fresh and natural makeup look. As a woman over 40, my skin looks its best with a light breathable foundation. I am blown away by how beautifully Mented’s foundation lays on my skin; the light-medium coverage has the right balance and allows my natural skin to come through. I am equally impressed with how well it wears throughout the day.

Mented Products Used for This Look:

    • Foundation: Skin by Mented, color T30
    • Concealer: Skin by Mented, color L20
    • Light Contouring: Skin by Mented, color M20
    • Blushes: Mented Blush, color Clay Too Much, Pinky Promise, and Berried Away
    • Eye Shadow: Mented Blush, color Clay Too Much
    • Setting Powders: Mented Skin Silk Loose Setting Powder, color Light/Tan and Medium/Deep
    • Lipstick: Mented Semi-Matte Lipstick, color Pretty in Pink
    • Lip Gloss: Mented Gloss, color: #1 Cran
    • Lip Liner: Mented Lip Pencil, color Pink

Mented Cosmetics Product Review

There are so many things that impress me about Mented products. For starters, ALLLLLLL the lip products are exceedingly thoughtful.  Pretty much all the colors work on my skin tone!! I don’t know about you, but as a black woman I have never met a brand that makes more than a few lipstick colors that work for my darker skin. With other brands, I often have to mix colors to get the right shade. Quite the opposite with Mented! Every color is truly made for my skin in mind. Mented has stolen my heart!

I love that the blushes dual as an eye shadow and blush. I’m always up for a 2 for 1 deal!  Like the lip colors, all of the Mented blush colors are very complimentary to my skin tone.

I quite like that the foundation is in stick form because it travels very well. The Skin Silk Loose Setting powder is unbelievable!! I don’t use too much, but where I do use it is under my eye area to prevent creasing.  I find that even after many hours my eye area looks as smooth and “set” as it did when I first did my makeup. I’m in LOVE with the makeup brushes. The dense yet soft brushes help my foundation application look smooth and flawless.

Now if I had to choose, I would have to say that the glosses are my favorite Mented product!!!!!!! So silky and smooth, not tacky at all.  The colors are true, not overly pigmented. The glosses wear well, like if you drink or eat you will need to reapply.  

My Go-to Favorite Mented Cosmetics Products:

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