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My Silverlake Flea Market haul truly sparks joy! This month I added some new colors to my closet – peach and coral. I’m not sure why I’ve been avoiding these colors for so long. In fact, they are two colors that look great on just about every skin tone.


This month’s haul brought up two things I really want to discuss: 1) re-purposing and 2) second hand shopping fast fashion brands.

Re-purposing a Piece from My Silverlake Flea Market Haul

One of my vintage shopping tricks is to re-purpose nightgowns into summer dresses. I’m obsessed with satin dresses this summer and thrift stores charge WAY less for nightgowns compared to dresses. So I say, never be afraid to add a belt to a satin nightgown and call it a dress. No one will ever know the difference and you’ll save a ton!

Buying Secondhand Fast Fashion

In this months Silverlake Flea Market haul, I walked away with an adorable cropped top from Zara. There are some pretty strong opinions out there when it comes to secondhand shopping fast fashion brands so I thought I’d share my two cents. If you watched my Thrift Store Shopping haul video (where I scored bags of brand new Brandy Melville tops for only $13), then I’m sure you know where I stand by now but I’ll elaborate.

For the record, I totally support buying fast fashion secondhand. The main reason is at the end of the day, my purchase keeps the garment out of landfills. Even if the piece needs a little TLC, I don’t mind putting in a little work (e.g. stitching a seam or replacing a button) to extend the life cycle of a piece that might have otherwise been thrown away. I also love supporting the re-sellers. When I buy a secondhand item at a thrift store I’m supporting a worthy non-profit organization. Or when I buy from a vintage re-seller, I’m supporting a small business. Either way it’s a win-win and I feel happy with my contribution.

The fact is not everyone can afford to buy sustainable brands and secondhand shopping is a great entry point to sustainable fashion regardless of the brands you buy. What are your thoughts?  Do you avoid fast fashion brands when you shop secondhand?

  1. Lovelysoul says:

    I love thrift shopping! It is akin to treasure hunting : you never know what gems you may find. I really enjoy buying affordable luxury. Lastly, I love the enthusiasm you exude when styling your clothes. I totally get it.

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