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[dropcap]I[/dropcap] must confess, I prefer to go braless whenever appropriate. I mean who really enjoys poking underwires and feeling restricted all day? Not me! So when True&Co. offered to send me some bras to try I was a little skeptical but decided to give them a try for a few reasons. One, True&Co. is a female run company. My thinking is who really understands the complexities of finding the perfect bra more than other women? Finding a bra that looks as good as it feels is not an easy task. More often than not you have to choose between being comfortable or looking sexy. Not cool! Second, I was impressed by True&Co.’s prices. My daughters, May and Xia are high school and college aged and I can easily spend a small fortune in one trip to Victoria’s Secret. That’s why I was delighted to see so many affordable options under $45 and plenty of options on sale. I love a good sale!

To give True&Co. bras a thorough review I chose three different bra styles. Once I received my bra selections, I instantly fell in love with the styling, especially the rose gold metal details & clasps. I also love that each bra is not only pretty and feels great under clothes, but they set the mood for the day. You know how you have go-to bras for different occasions or activities, well each one of these True&Co. bras embody that for me. To complete my review, I wore each of the bras over several weeks doing different activities. However, I knew the ultimate test would be how the bras fit after long hours at work flying and moving around.

Bare Plunge Bra

The bare plunge bra is bar far my favorite. I absolutely LOVE it! It truly fits me to a T. In fact, I wish I had a drawer full of these. This really caught me by surprise too because I haven’t worn an underwire bra in years.

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Mood: Grown up, sexy and sophisticated. This is an everyday, feminine supportive underwire bra.
Fit: No gapping or shifting or riding up.
Design: The soft lightly lined cups provide a natural looking shape. I particularly like the delicate mesh diamond overlay on the cups and sides.
What I Love About It: This is my new ride or die bra! I can wear this bra with everything from low-cut tops to t-shirts. This bra has certainly been added to my “things I never leave home without” packing list.
At Work: LOVE. No shifting. No digging in. No fiddling with it al all… aka no tugging on the back or picking up the straps.

True Body Triangle Convertible Strap Bra

I like the sporty, barely there feel of the True Body Triangle Convertible Strap bra. Like a typical sports bra, you do have to pull it over your head which is kinda not my thing. I have to remember to put it on before I do my hair and makeup.

Mood: Chill and relaxed. It’s so comfy I could literally sleep in it (and I have!).
Fit: Fits my chest perfectly but not as tight as I would like around my rib cage. I am wearing a size extra small for reference.
Design: No wire of any kind. Silky smooth fabric, kinda athletic in appearance. The soft removable lightly padded cups create a natural shape. Also, features convertible straps to make it super versatile.
What I Love About It: That it’s super casual, almost like a wearable shirt…kinda how I wear a sports bra as a top but not as restricting. It looks smooth under clothes, especially knits.
At Work: Shifts a little here and there. It actually lifts up around my rib cage and I had to pull it down a bit throughout the day. For that reason, this bra didn’t make the cut as a workhorse bra but perfect for lounging.

Gramercy Bralette Bra

As a small chested girl bralettes are my go-to bra, so no surprise I’m a fan of the Gramercy Bralette. It makes a great casual yet stylish bra. It’s very youthful and super cute.  And it’s perfect to wear under my cropped tops. If it peeks out a bit the lacy edge is very flattering! Between this bra and the Bare Plunge bra, my bra collection is complete. I basically need a dozen of these as well!!! True&Co. Gramercy Bralette

Mood: Fun and cute.
Fit: This bra fits my chest perfectly. The side-boning creates a comfy shape. The cups are supportive yet not restricting at all. I ordered a size small for reference, but I think I’d love it even more if it came in a size extra small for my small back size.
Design: Wireless demi shaped bralette. Silky unlined cups with lace detail.
What I Love About It: That it has no padding and makes me feel cute!
At Work: Shifts a bit but not too much.

This experience was really a good one for me. I realized that bras are one of those things that you stick to what you know, even when you’re not fully happy. I’m so glad I tried something new. In fact, I’m wearing my True&Co. Bare Plunge bra as I type this post and it makes me so happy. Who would have thought an underwire bra would be my new thing? If you want to try something new, take your True&Co Bra Fit Quiz to find the top 3 bras for you, no fitting room required.

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