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Coffee ain’t just for drinking darlings!!  It is surprisingly therapeutic as a body exfoliant!!  While shop-hopping a few weeks ago in Paia, Maui I happened upon a lovely Hawaiian brand ‘Ili Scrub. ‘Ili makes an assortment of all-natural organic coffee scrubs.

I was immediately drawn to the brown waxed paper bag packaging. It reminded me of a snack bag with what could only be a treat was inside.  Once I read the beautiful minimal ingredients list:  Hawaiian coffee, organic coconut oil, organic sugar, Hawaiian sea salt, vitamin E, organic coconut pulp, and cacao essential oil, I thought “hmmmm, what little gem has fallen in my lap this time?!” I have to be honest I didn’t know one thing about coffee scrubs. 

Benefits of Coffee Scrubs

May put me onto the benefits of coffee scrubs.  She was like, “Mom, don’t you know coffee scrubs are known to reduce the signs of cellulite?”  No shame babes, I have cellulite. My thigh area pretty much looks like, how shall I say… lumpy. Yeah lumpy works!!!  While my initial motivation for buying the scrub was to eradicate my stubborn cellulite, I am completely shocked at how smooth and hydrated it leaves my skin. If that’s not enough, ‘Ili coffee scrub is used to treat eczema, acne, scars, stretch marks, psoriasis, oily skin, and dry skin.

I must say, the scent of coffee in a steamy shower somehow makes a perfect combo!!  After the first use my skin had an IMMEDIATE result.  It creates a barrier of moisture that lasts long beyond the shower.  When paired with ‘Ili’s coconut body oil you will swear you just had a posh spa experience.  I am so obsessed with my new Sunday scrub ritual. In fact, I’ve decided my skin deserves this treatment more than once a week so now I’m up to 3 days a weeks.  

'Ili Hawaiian Coffee Scrub and Coconut OilThanks to ‘Ili Scrub for gifting me a new bag of the Coconut Cacao Coffee Scrub and Pure Love Coconut Cacao Body Oil. Now I get to “wake my senses” whenever my skin needs a little boost of moisture ❤︎

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