Something Old, Something New: Tips for Shopping Vintage Skirts



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My absolute favorite thing to buy 2nd hand are skirts. I can go on for days on the benefits of shopping vintage skirts.

Vintage Khaki Skirt for $25 from Hot Cocoa Vintage via Rose Bowl Flea Market

Something Old: Vintage Khaki Skirt for $25 from Hot Cocoa Vintage via Rose Bowl Flea Market

I’m sure you’ve heard me say this before but the quality of my vintage skirts are far superior to the mass-produced skirts you find in stores and I save a TON of $$$ buying vintage. And my money stretches even further because the right vintage skirts can be worn from season to season, year to year. I pride myself in cultivating chic timeless pieces that are super unique and I can feel confident that my outfits never blend in when I’m wearing vintage clothing. In fact, I can’t tell you how often people ask where to find my vintage pieces and I can proudly say, “You can’t, it’s vintage!”  And if that wasn’t enough, shopping 2nd hand allows me to reduce waste and re-use clothing, something that’s really important to me. We’ve all got to do our part to protect our little planet.

Something New: Top from Urban Outfitters / I love the pairing of this “modest” kinda matronly skirt with a modern distressed cropped thermal. The contrast for me is poetic fashion. It speaks to my personality: part classic conservative and part modern, sexy & edgy.


Top Tips for Shopping Vintage Skirts

Now I know shopping vintage might be a little intimidating for some of you, so I’ve put together some of my favorite tricks to shopping vintage.

  1. Try on Before You Buy. Most 2nd hand purchases will be final sale, so you’ll want to try on all purchases before you buy. Keep in mind that if shopping at a flea market, you likely won’t have a fitting room so I suggest wearing a skirt to make it easy to slip on possible purchases underneath to check their fit.
  1. Inspect Your Garment. Carefully look for holes and stains especially at zippers, buttons, and seams.  While most things can be fixed, you may be able to get a better price with a vendor if you can point out a broken zipper or a ripped seam.  Also, some damaged items are not worth the effort, so you’ll want to catch any damages before you buy.
  1. If You Don’t Love It, Don’t Buy It. There’s nothing worse than settling for a piece just because it’s an awesome deal, then never wearing it. It’s okay to be selective when you’re shopping vintage. Ask yourself if you really like the fit, fabric, color, etc. And if the answer is “no” then move on and save some closet space for the good stuff.

Shoes by Chanel. These shoes are as classic as classic can get! The same slingback demi-pump worn daily by Coco Chanel from the 60’s. The heel height is wearable for everyday, hence why you see me in them all the time. Besides, they fit like they were made for my long toes and narrow feet.

How to Recreate this Look

This quintessential ME look is so easy to replicate. You can incorporate it into any wardrobe for any body type.  Even if it’s with all new pieces you can still capture the modern vintage mood shopping separates from brands like: Uniqlo, J Crew, H & M, or Zara.  These everyday brands have great price points and offer wide selection of skirts and tops.

Vintage Skirt A line Midi Skirt

These days, A-line midi or pencil skirts are my thing. Years ago when I liked my legs I’d go for a shorter hemline but it’s all good because I have really come to love the lengthening effect of a high waist midi-skirt.



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What I like most about this look is I feel beautiful in it, I will never ever see anyone dressed like me, and it’s so damn comfortable. Like after this shoot I stayed in this outfit prancing around all day feeling absolutely lovely!!

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