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My new washable paper bag from Warm Grey Company arrived today and let me just say, it is BRILLIANT! I chose the Brown Kraft Paper Bag to use as a planter for my fiddle fig tree. What do you think?

Washable Paper Bag by Warm Grey CompanyI purchased my tree back in May and it had been sitting without a planter for months because I had this idea that I wanted to put it in a paper bag planter. And viola – I found this magnificent washable paper bag on Etsy. It is exactly what I was looking for! It’s made from a natural cellulose fiber which is a renewable resource. You know I am all about clean living and that makes this product all the more exciting!

From a design perspective, the possibilities for this bag are endless. I mean how many different uses can you find for a storage container like this? It comes in so many different colors, finishes and sizes. It fits in perfectly with the modern rustic design style of my home. I’m so obsessed with this bag, I am literally going to lose my mind — I can’t wait to order more!

Happy Friday Darlings ❤︎

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