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Janessa Leoné + FRĒDA SALVADOR is quite simply a match made in heaven. I had been on the hunt for the perfect straw hat for over a month so last week I made the trek out to Platform in Culver City all the way from the Valley.

Janessa Leoné Maxime Straw hatIf you haven’t been to Platform, you’re missing out. Platform is a thoughtful collection of inspiring designers, unique brands, one-of-a-kind restaurants, artists and more. But I digress – housed in Platform is The Edit by Janessa Leoné + FRĒDA SALVADOR, bringing together the perfect combination of accessories: handbags and hats by Janessa Leoné  and shoes by FRĒDA SALVADOR.

Each brand embraces an effortless, minimal style that emphasizes the importance of great design for today’s on-the-go woman like myself. Beyond that, both labels feature timeless, quality products that are handmade to last for years.

Janessa Leoné Straw hats


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Needless to say, I found quite possibly the most perfect hat for this little lady. Meet Maxime. I purchased this beauty for my upcoming Palm Springs photo shoot, but I haven’t been able to resist wearing her before my trip. The elegance of this hat is undeniable. Janessa Leoné straw hats are made in the USA, hand woven from Panama straw and no two hats are alike. I don’t typically think of myself as a hat person, but this might be the start of a new love affair. What do you think?

The Edit at Platform Culver CityJanessa Leoné + FRĒDA SALVADOR

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