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For the past several months I have been searching for an ideal laptop table that I could use when I’m sitting in our library and likewise in the T.V. room.  One thing I’ve learned after starting this blog is my work style has changed.  After years and many hours behind a drafting table and later a cubicle desk — I just can’t work like that anymore!!  I’m still adjusting, but blogging is non-stop work and gosh darn it I need the ability to move around!!  Now the hard part has been finding a work surface that made sense.

laptop table from reclaimed metal fencing

Introducing our custom designed c-table which I’ve affectionately named “The TL C-Table. It’s very basic:  an open rectangular framed base, identical size flat steel table top with supporting legs that conveniently slide under the sofa…essentially in the shape of a “C.”

C-Table made from Reclaimed Metal FencingThe new catch word in design must be “reclaimed.”  The trend I would say is most prevalent in the furniture market.  Over here at the Murphy house it’s not just a trend, but a way of life. In all our projects from full down to the stud remodels or small design projects, we try to use reclaimed materials whenever possible.  It is truly gratifying taking an unused, old, and in this case, rusted material and transforming it into a useable, functional, and awesome piece we can use in our home. Well this project was no different.

After shopping around, Mike…the genius that he is…suggested we try to make a table ourselves or at least have it made!!  If it came out right, then we could do more for each room.  Hot damn it was such a great idea!!  Best of all, we already had the material: old rusted tubular steel fencing that use to be around our pool. Mike took the fencing to his friend Kirby; welding extraordinaire & owner of Infinity Access Plus.  Our hope was that he could cut it up and weld us this very basic c-table we sketched out for him.  To my utter happiness not only did Kirby say “yes” but he said he could have a prototype done for us in just matter of 3-4 hours!!

Cutting Tubular Steel Fencing_Reclaimed Metal

Flat Steel Table Top for C-Table
We provided him with precise measurements that worked for all our sofas and lounge chairs.  The prototype table came out spot-on!!  Currently, we’ve had 2 more made and we couldn’t be happier with the finished product.  The final tables were painted matte black to coordinate with our décor.  Whaa-laa we now have amazing perfect height and scale c-tables all made from reclaimed metal. I must say, we feel pretty darn proud of our upcycled metal tables!!

The TL C-Table made from Reclaimed Metal Fencing

C-Table designed by TTLNow that our c-tables are complete, I’m ready to take on our next design project – May and Xia’s bathroom remodel! I’ve been planning for this remodel for years and I can’t wait to share the step by step journey with you. Stay tuned for exciting updates.

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