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I am super excited to share one of my favorite tech products of all time: Dodocase — well it’s kinda Tech…well whatever it’s tech protection for my iPad.  When marvelous design and sound utility come together what more can you ask for?  And not to mention, this case reflects my individual aesthetic to a T.

Dodocase iPad coverOver the last 5 years I have had 5 different Dodocases, suffice it to say I really love this product.  My iPad is my constant companion.  Traveling as much as I do I simply cannot live without the mobility of this brilliant device.  When it comes to keeping my iPad protected this is the only cover I have come to trust to keep it safe and sound….and stylishly camouflaged.

From the outside the case looks like a sketch book or a journal.

Dodocase Custom Case for iPadInside snuggled tightly in a bamboo frame lies my iPad Air 2.  Anyone who sees me carrying my “journal” would never guess what’s inside.  Per my usual, how it looks is important but what I LOVE equally as much is that day after day my case can withstand my heavy usage and ahh-hhm the occasional fall.

TTL Custom Dodocase

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Dodocase Craftsmanship

Dodocases are not only clever but their unique craftsmanship is unparalleled.  Handmade in San Francisco, they’re technique is modeled after old book binding companies.  They not only outfit iPads, but pretty much all Apple devices including Mac Books and iPhones.  You can buy a premade case or as I do, design a custom case – ummmm if you didn’t know custom is one of my favorite words!!

Custom Dodocase for iPadThe Dodocase website is very comprehensive with step by step instructions on customizing a case.  From various color & pattern options you are able to choose: the outside cover, spine, inside jacket, and holding elastic color.  Recently they’ve added the choice of a trip-pod stand AND you can emboss the outside cover with silver or gold text…I always do my initials.  Oh and no worries about taking the cover off to snap a pic, they come with a camera hole, I promise you they are making a phenomenal product over in San Fran.

My annual tradition at the beginning of the new year is to order a new custom Dodocase. Not because it’s worn out, but because I love to change up the look.  I designed my current Dodocase with a marble like effect for the outside cover, black leather spine, grey inside jacket, black elastic band with my initials TJM embossed in gold in the bottom right corner.  With the new year having just arrived you know that means!!

P.S. This is not a sponsored post or ad – just sharing what I love!

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