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Are you searching for an all-natural skincare routine that will leave you glowing?


Bee Yummy by Live-LiveOn average I travel about 15 days a month, more than 170 days a year bouncing from city to city.  With my lifestyle, caring for my skin is more important to me more than ever before.  Combined with age and irregular sleep habits, my skin is more stressed and vulnerable than the average woman.  I’ve learned that nourishing, revitalizing facial products are essential!!  I want EVERY ingredient to be healthful and beneficial.

I have to say, finding Bee Yummy by Live-Live was a huge find.  I started out with their moisturizer: Bee Yummy Raw Organic Skin Food. I told myself I would give it 3 months; if my skin rejected it for some reason (I tend to have sensitive skin) or if I didn’t see any improvement I’d move on.  At that 3-month mark I could say without a doubt that I was hooked.  I’d wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and marvel at my skin. I couldn’t believe this was my skin.

Live-Live gave me a few samples of other products in the Bee Yummy line, so naturally after sampling them I had to have EVERY product.  With no trips to New York coming up, I ordered online.  I bought the eye cream/lip cream, face mask, and body sunscreen.

Live Live Bee YummyThe Bee Yummy eye cream is the shizniz!!  It is amazing – no exaggeration!! There are only 3 ingredients: Olive oil, Bees Wax, and Balsam Fir.

Organic Cold Pressed Olive Oil: Hydrate and create “a breathable film to prevent the loss in internal moisture.”

Balsam Fir: Vitamin C, antioxidants, and flavonoids

Bees Wax: To protect the skin with hydroxy acids (traps moisture), esters, and fatty acids

As an eye cream it’s unrivaled.  It is so hydrating and smoothing that my eyes, even after flying all day, look less tired. This cream doubles as a lip balm as well.  I have the crustiest, driest lips EVER – and this stuff makes them so soft and smooth.

Bee Yummy by Live LiveMy daily facial skin care regimen goes like this. In the morning, I apply the smallest amount of the Bee Yummy Eye Cream first thing after a shower.  Lightly patting under my eye with my ring fingers, careful to avoid my eye lids.  Next, I apply the Bee Yummy Moisturizer; putting small dabs on each cheek, forehead, chin, neck, and chest.  Using small outward circles, I rub it in. The last and one of the most important steps is sunscreen protection. I apply Kiss My Face Face Factor Sunscreen spf55 the same way as my moisturizer.  I repeat all of the same steps before bed, excluding the sunscreen.

The Bee Yummy mask is the final product in the Bee Yummy line-up, making for a picture-perfect trio.  So this mask is remarkable!! I like to sleep with the Bee Yummy mask once a week.  Okay, at first it was a little weird.  It’s tacky, like honey.  Once you begin to rub it in however, it loosens up.  A little does just the trick.  My advice is to work quickly because once it sets it sets!!  When I wake up in the morning I wash my face a usual. My skin feels tight, soft, and smooth at the same time.  Each all natural ingredient has been thoughtfully combined to leave your skin “rejuvenated.”

Honey Cappings: An extraordinary bee product, a nutraceutical, meaning a natural product that has health benefits. It is helpful in removing free radicals from our body.

Kombucha Mushroom: Prevents glycation or prevents skin from getting brittle leading to wrinkles. Enhances the fatty layer of skin for a visible anti-aging effect

Royal Jelly: Complete source of amino acids, is a component of collagen which keeps skin frim, boosts elasticity, and reduces inflammation…to name a few key benefits.

Pure Water

There is not another all-natural product line you will hear me go on about like I do about the Bee Yummy line, it is my favorite!! I highly recommend trying it. If you do, be sure to let me know what you think.



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