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As a little girl I watched James Bond movies relentlessly…still do!!  Not sure what other 8 year olds were doing but I loved being dashed away on James’ adventures, visiting exotic locations.  Those movies certainly left a marked impression on me.  How do I get to those places I would think??  Well here I am!!  Monaco is the quintessential Bond set if I’ve ever seen one.  The backdrop of wealth, glamour, and all things shiny…decadence for sure.  Home to the famous Monte Carlo casino with a gorgeous and pristine palace perched high atop of it all, Monaco is unsurpassed!

View of Monaco FranceHaving visited Monte Carlo on a previous visit, this time I really wanted to walk around the palace once inhabited by the beautiful Grace Kelly, aka “Princess of Monaco” before heading over to the medieval village of Eze.

Palace of MonacoI found taking a train from Nice to be the most direct and affordable way to travel to Monaco.  Upon arriving, I simply located a “taxi phone” to ring up a taxi, taking me wherever I’d like to go.  Driving to the palace be sure to have your camera ready as the ride up is too pretty not to capture.  The palace has the vantage point to see all the way down to the boat harbor where you just might catch a glimpse of James Bond getting off his yacht…of course this is just the scene my minds sets – I swear every man looks like Sean Connery here!!  With the glorious sun warming my skin, I explored and walked around, loving the views from the various points around the palace.

Monaco FranceFollowing the land of multi-millionaires’ I finished my afternoon at the tiny cliff perched village of Eze.  I am so in LOVE with this gorgeously unique location!!! Again, this was my second visit but I swear it’s the kind of place that never gets old!!  Ringing up a taxi outside the palace, we drove down the winding hillside and back up again finally reaching the foot of the village.  Before I go on, let me pause a minute to say how happy I am that I finally gave in and bought the PERFECT pair of sneakers, Jack Purcells.  FOR REAL my narrow feet have never been comfier walking up and down all the Cote d’Azur hills!!  I will forever and always keep a pair of these kicks!!  Right on time because the last time visiting Eze I wore sandals, which is fine of course, but it’s an uphill climb into the village, with no cars allowed.  As you walk along the main path you become aware you are about to experience something profound…wait for it — the climb is so worth it!!

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Upon arriving to the village entrance I was beyond thrilled to find an herb, tea, and soap stand where I purchased local Herbs de Provence and a beautiful Jasmine Vanilla loose leaf tea…making me utterly happy.

Herbs de ProvenceWinding my way through the familiar narrow passages of the village I could not help but thank God for once again bringing me to this amazing place.  Tucked along the passages are irresistible shops selling local wares.  I bought some fantastic delicate gold jewelry pieces that are ideal for every day wear.

Jewelry Shopping in EzeA super unique and way cool thing I’d LOVE to do in the future is stay inside the village.  There are a couple hotels and “homes” offered for rent.  I must say the idea of staying in that dreamy setting is once in a lifetime.  My entire outing, I felt an overwhelming emotion of delight.  Eze is a Cote d’Azur treasure not to be missed!

Eze Village


Eze Village France

Eze Village France


  1. Donald Osborne says:

    I must check out Eze om my next ….visit

  2. Romeo Juliet says:

    You look very lissish! Hair is travel perfect and you look loose and relaxed … : )

  3. Ceci says:

    Stunning 😍😍😍😍

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